EMOGES - Evaluation of Positioning Technologies for Monitoring Dangerous Goods Transports on the Austrian high-ranking Road Network

Short Description

Experience with large-scale accidents in road tunnels in the past years (e.g. Tauern tunnel, Mont Blanc tunnel 1999) has confirmed the weak points in management of dangerous goods transports and the high risk related to these transports on the critical sections of the Trans European Road Network.

A consistent monitoring of dangerous goods transports on all sections of the road network is the only method to obtain a sufficient data quantity to guarantee the safety of motorists and all abutters on those critical road sections.

Since the functionality of conventional and future satellite navigation systems cannot be guaranteed on all sections of the Austrian high-ranking road network (e.g. in tunnel shadings) it is necessary to use complementary technologies for these areas to provide a seamless monitoring system of dangerous goods on the whole road infrastructure.

As a result of the technology evaluation based on user needs a system architecture was created and implemented that carries out automatically the handshake-procedure at the crossover point between out-door-positioning (using GPS) and in-door- positioning (using an acceleration sensor) and the whole communication with the tunnel control centre.

For that purpose a functional model of an on-board-unit (laptop) including all relevant software solutions as well as a virtual tunnel centre to track the hazardous goods transport during its tunnel passage was implemented. The evaluation of the test run of the system showed a high grade of usability in hazardous goods monitoring systems, but also that the accuracy of the position is highly dependent on the quality of the used acceleration sensor.

Finally, the feasibility study concerning the usability of video image processing showed, that this technology is merely appropriate for the use in hazardous goods monitoring systems in tunnels.

Project Partners


ARC Österreichisches Forschungs- und Prüfzentrum Arsenal GmbH - Jürgen Zajicek


  • c.c.com Andersen & Moser GmbH - Konrad Maitisch
  • ARC Seibersdorf research Ges.m.b.H. - Heinrich Garn
  • Abteilung Höhere Geodäsie, TU Wien - Robert Weber
  • Forschungsgemeinschaft Mobilität Ges.m.b.H. - Gerfried Cebrat
  • Via donau

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