InfraGEO - Earth Observation Mission Database

The aim of this activity is to develop a standard solution for a generic, comprehensive, central, long-term mission archive for Earth Observation missions.

Short Description

The design driver for the generic product is to implement a re- usable core system, where mission specific features are configurable as far as possible. Further mission specific extensions necessary in the database schema and the interfaces can be added later by specific dedicated implementations.

The Earth Observation Mission Database is able to handle structured and unstructured parameter and configuration data and has a capacity of at least five Terabytes. It is designed as a central facility for data collection, data storage, data provision and allows secure exchange of data in a ground segment. It supports a considerable number of configurable XML and structured ASCII interfaces. The Mission DB is designed to operate autonomously.

DLR is the first addressed customer to use this generic mission database for their TerraSAR-X Long-Term Database (LTDB). TerraSAR-X is the first German Radar satellite for scientific and commercial applications. The launch date is scheduled for 2006.

The Long-Term Database is integrated into the Instrument Operations and Calibration Segment, one major part of the TerraSAR-X ground segment. The task of the Instrument Operations Section is to operate the SAR instrument in its different operational SAR modes.

All mission data relevant for SAR System performance are brought together and can be accessed by calibration, characterization, monitoring and verification tools. These tools thus enable to monitor and analyze the satellite’s system and the instruments health and to provide a more complete picture of the whole SAR mission and its quality in shorter time. The figure provides an overview of the system context of the LTDB within the ground segment.

Project Partners


Siemens AG Österreich, Program and Systems Engineering Space Business - Hans Steiner

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