HERMES - Digital drivers book integration into organization specific processes

The project aimed at designing, developing and testing a digital driver’s book including dedicated analysis software. Special attention was paid to ease integration into organisation specificprocesses. Easy data collection, analysis, and transferability were among the main project goals.

Short Description

A combination of mobile device (PDA personal digital assistance) and GPS sensor was used to collect geographical information in the vehicle. The data was compiled, freed of errors and systematically stored.

Different ways to input the data into the company network are provided: wireless, cable, storage card. No special software is required by the organisation since standard browsers can be used to access the information and analysis from every internet connected computer is possible.

A dedicated study evaluated the potential productivity gain of the system. In a pilot project executed at the Austrian Ministry of Finance all relevant processes were analysed and compared with their conventional counterpart without the new system.

The increase of productivity can reach 70%, dependent on the specific task. The payback period of the investment into the system is - depending on the systems coverage and intensity of use - between 12 and 36 months.

Project Partners


traccent - Alex Rammlmair


  • GmbH - Konrad Maitisch
  • FH Joanneum - Michael Salloker

Contact Address

Alex Rammlmair
Schönbrunnerstrasse 140/2/10
A-1120 Vienna