DHS - Data Handling Systems for Satellites

The function of Data Handling Systems on satellites is the collection of house keeping data for transmission to the ground (Telemetry Link) to allow the monitoring of the spacecraft status and the commanding of different spacecraft functions from the ground (Telecommand Link).

Short Description

Austrian Aerospace has recently started to cooperate with its parent company Saab Ericsson Space (SE) in this field of space engineering and to build Data Handling Systems together with SE. In order to keep track of the latest technological trends a common bilateral development programme was launched.

This programme encompasses a market survey phase in the course of which the latest technical solutions in terms of hard- and software are investigated. The usability of new electronic components and processes has been studied.

Additionally, a more flexible mechanical concept for the accommodation of electronic modules has been designed and functional electronic building blocks have been created in order to provide adequate solutions for the most different applications.

As an output of the project two breadboards carrying general I/O building blocks have been manufactured and as testing is of greatest importance in the space business a generic test bench has been built as well, which allows comfortable and comprehensive tests of future Data Handling Systems.

The present study is carried out in cooperation with Saab Ericsson Space, which provides technology transfer and receives inputs from Austrian Aerospace for various power supply and test aspects of the equipment. The study will secure and increase the competitivity of Austrian Aerospace ́s contribution to Data Handling Systems in the frame of the European space infrastructure.

Project Partners


Austrian Aerospace - Wolfgang Mayer


Saab Ericsson Space, Gothenburg, Sweden - Stefan Fredriksson

Contact Address

Austrian Aerospace
Wolfgang Mayer
Stachegasse 16
A-1120 Vienna
E-mail: wolfgang.mayer@space.at
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