C-TOP - Carinthian Traffic Optimizer

Short Description

Location awareness of buses, trains, and private transport companies is one of the essential factors in the optimization of traffic in Austria. While GPS in the first step and Galileo in the second step deliver vehicle positions with accuracies down to some 10 meters, GSM and other satellite-based means of communication are used to "deliver" these positions to a central geographic data-base.

Each vehicle is identified by its unique code and thus information on status and position can be gathered either on requests initiated by a central authority or automatically triggered on defined events (arrival at station, accident, ...).

Besides optimizing routes and the number of vehicles per route and time, prediction of the estimated time of arrival will result in increased customer satisfaction, which will be only one of the benefits among many others. Finally, displaying locations of selected vehicles on digital maps on the internet will result in interesting turn-key solutions for private transport companies.

This project will bring up a platform, which combines the highly specialized knowledge of two Austrian companies, that both have been well established for more than 10 years in the field of GIS and GPS. While MapExplorer provides digital maps in web-based solutions, COMMUNICATION & NAVIGATION (C&N) is a manufacturer and integrator of GPS-based applications.

Project Partners


MapExplorer GmbH - Peter Skalicki-Weixelberger


  • Communication&Navigation - Werner
  • Oberegger Verkehrsverbund Kärnten Ges.m.b.H.

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