ASGS - Advanced Signal Generation Study

The aim of this study is to investigate all new requirements of the Galileo Signal-In-Space, to discuss appropriateimplementation possibilities into the Advanced Signal Generator, to design programmable electronic components (Field Programmable Gate Arrays, FPGAs), and carry out the respective tests.

Short Description

In preparation of the up-coming European Galileo Navigation programme Austrian Aerospace has been involved especially in the development of the navigation signal generator, that represents the core unit of the Galileo satellites. In 2005/2006 two Galileo experimental satellites will be launched, which will carry the NSGU (Navigation Signal Generation Unit).

The navigation signals transmitted by these satellites are in conformance with the so-called Signal-In-Space (SIS) specification which defines the signal structure. However, its specification has undergone continuous further evolution, defined in the international "Signal Force Working Group".

In order to keep track of the latest findings of the Signal Task Force, Joanneum Research (JR) representing Austria acts as a partner to Austrian Aerospace (AAE). Another partner is Saab Ericsson Space, which is also a team member in the NSGU development.

Project Partners


Austrian Aerospace - Wolfgang Mayer


Joanneum Research, Graz - Erwin Kubista

Contact Address

Austrian Aerospace
Wolfgang Mayer
Stachegasse 16
A-1120 Vienna