R-Space - Success in space with the GreenBox service

Austrian Start-Up R-Space provides the opportunity to conduct IODs in a very quick and simple fashion.

The space environment, with its combination of vacuum, microgravity, extreme temperatures, and dangerous space radiation, is a tremendous challenge for every space craft exposed to it. All companies developing hardware for in-space applications face therefore the same problem: before they can enter the market, they must demonstrate that their technology works in space. In the past, such an In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) was only possible when granted a slot on-board of a mission of one of the space agency's missions (ESA, NASA etc.). Such flight opportunities however are rare and difficult to obtain.

In the past, many innovative products developed for space applications have never gotten the chance for an IOD and therefore could never enter the market. "The limited amount of available flight opportunities is literally a bottleneck for innovation and an impediment for a thriving space business", according to C. Scharlemann, founder and CEO of R-Space.

The R-Space Team (R-Space)

A new approach

Nowadays, the space business is dominated by a significantly growing number of players and an increasingly fierce competition. Companies cannot afford anymore to wait for years for an IOD before entering the market and generating revenue with their product. Their business case is based on short development cycles and quick market introduction. R-Space supports this new approach and provides the opportunity to conduct IODs in a very quick and simple fashion. Provided that the customer's technology fulfils some basic requirements, it can be launched and operated in space in as little as 6 months.

IOD service as One-Stop-Shop

The IOD service of R-Space, called GreenBox service, is a one-stop-shop. The customer is not required to have any expertise in satellites or satellite operations. Instead, the customer will only integrate his technology in a box shaped, standardized payload accommodation unit, provided by R-Space. Following this, R-Space will take over. R-Space will integrate the technology into the GreenBox satellite and conduct the qualification prior to launch. In cooperation with R-Space's partners, the satellite will be launched and operated in space. The data generated during this operation will be provided to the customer, who can subsequently use it to prove the space-worthiness of their technology.

This unique GreenBox service is not only very fast but has also mitigated the complexity which usually comes along with a technology demonstration in space. It allows the customer to focus 100% on his technology and ensure its rapid introduction into the market. Whether the customer uses this service as part of the development process or as the final test prior to market entry, the GreenBox Service ensures short development cycles and success on the market. "With our GreenBox service we will support our customers to unleash their full potential and make sure that they are successful in a very competitive market", Scharlemann stresses.