GATE Space - Revolutionizing In-Space Mobility

The award-winning Austrian startup is leading the new era of in-space mobility by offering scalable and cost-effective mobility for satellite missions.
Concept Rendering of GATE Jetpack satellite propulsion system
Concept Rendering of GATE Jetpack satellite propulsion system (GATE Space)

Addressing the Growing Demand for In-Space Mobility Solutions

The rising demand for innovative in-space mobility solutions has propelled GATE Space to the forefront of the industry. According to, there is a widespread perception of unmet demand for moving around small satellites in orbit, highlighting the need for innovative solutions.

GATE Space, as described by CEO Moritz Novak, is at the forefront of addressing this demand with highly scalable and flexible chemical propulsion solutions.

The GATE Jetpack: Unleashing the Power of In-Space Mobility

GATE Space's plug-and-play mobility solution, the GATE Jetpack, turns satellites into fast and nimble assets in space, capable of collision avoidance maneuvers and precise positioning in space. One key advantage of the GATE Jetpack is that it is a standard component and is therefore universally compatible with all satellites ranging from 50 to 500 kg. 

This means that satellite manufacturers can add this mobility solution late or parallel with other steps in the satellite development process, saving significant effort and time. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of the GATE Jetpack surpasses competing systems, providing a simple and effective means to navigate space. 

With this product, satellites gain unparalleled speed, maneuverability, and precision, enhancing their operational capabilities and expanding possibilities for space missions. To top it all off: the GATE Jetpack uses green propellants, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable. This innovation marks a significant step forward in the realm of satellite mobility, revolutionizing the way we explore and utilize space.

From Vision to Reality: GATE Space's Journey to Transform the Space Industry

The GATE family in June 2023
The GATE family in June 2023 (GATE Space)

The story of GATE Space began when the founders crossed paths at the TU Wien Space Team, a student organization dedicated to exploring space technology. With a shared passion for the cosmos, they leveraged their years of experience in developing space tech to conceive a groundbreaking plug-and-play propulsion system. 

The founders' idea gained validation through participation in several industry events, confirming the market need for their innovative product. Fueled by this realization, GATE Space was officially founded in 2022, marking the start of the journey to transform the space industry.

Investing in the Future of the Space Industry

Franz Viehböck
Franz Viehböck (GATE Space)

Recognizing the immense potential of the company, major investors have joined forces to fuel GATE Space's future endeavors. The first investors were Franz Viehböck - Austria's first and so far only astronaut - and David Niedermaier - Co-Founder & CTO of AGILOX. 

Franz Viehböck has been a driving force in the Austrian space economy and highlights that "the technology of GATE Space meets the requirements of the market, which will grow tremendously in the next years. There will be a huge demand for thrusters like the ones from GATE Space."

According to the investors, they decided to support GATE Space because they "know the team, how enthusiastic they are, and what kind of technologies they are capable of developing."

Pioneering the Future of In-Space Mobility, One Thruster at a Time

Testing campaign of the GATE Thruster (GATE Space)
Testing campaign of the GATE Thruster (GATE Space)

In the fast-paced world of space technology, GATE Space's engineering team stands ready to tackle the challenges of the 21st century head-on. The cutting-edge products embody innovation and offer a range of game-changing features. From deep throttling thrusters and differential thrust stabilization of spacecraft to the use of non-toxic green propellants, GATE Space's solutions exceed the capabilities of existing alternatives. 

With a plug-and-play interface seamlessly integrating with established satellite platforms, GATE Space propels the rapidly evolving space sector forward, leaving outdated options in its cosmic dust. The future of space exploration is in capable hands - those of GATE Space.