CMG - How a Start-Up is using space data to make yachting sustainable

The Graz based Start-up Charge Made Good GmbH is intended to have a large impact on the global marine industry - with the help of space!
Andy Cass, Founder and CEO of CMG (fotoCRafie)

CMG - Charge Made Good GmbH is the latest Graz-based start-up currently incubated at ESA BIC Austria. By approaching yacht design in a whole new way, CMG is removing the fossil fuel off sailing yachts and solving the critical safety issue of tackling range anxiety and power supply at sea.

Galileo Copernicus and EGNOS for sustaibale yachting 

CMG's solution is based on a new approach to propeller design combined with a predictive algorithm informing the captain how much energy can be harvested at a set speed and course, given the vessel's characteristics and the predicted wind through to the destination. This allows the elimination of range anxiety at sea and the main roadblock to zero-emission yachts. CMG refers to the algorithmic prediction as to the vessel's battery storage condition at the end of a journey. This is calculated based on the vessel's speed through the water which is predetermined and controlled by the new design of the CMG's trailing-edge controllable-pitch propeller (CPP). In principle, the slower the vessel moves the less energy is consumed – if the wind energy exceeds the hull drag at the set speed, then energy is harvested and stored. The captain can adjust the point of sail under most sailing conditions to improve the CMG to maintain the safety factor at all times. In good wind conditions the system can generate the equivalent of a supercharger to rapidly replace energy which effectively provides a fast-charging infrastructure in most coastal regions. This is a unique business start-up where the utilisation of space-based data is used to directly fight the war against fossil-fuels. At the heart of CMG is the timely acquisition of accurate local weather conditions, GNSS, speed, course, and distance to destination using Galileo, Copernicus and EGNOS services. The business start-up aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of the CMG algorithm which requires the establishment of several strategic technology partnerships, the design and construction of a demonstration vessel, and the establishment of a 'big data' archive for an AI-based approach to improving CMG preditions.

Global impact on the marine industry

CMG is intended to have a large impact on the marine industry globally. Once sailors discover they can safely and effectively manage all the power by simply sailing it will be used to eliminate fossil fuels from all yachts on a growth curve similar to that of EV uptake. CMG is not limited to a particular technical solution or yacht type and therefore can be used on existing yachts and adopted by any electric drive provider. As kite technology develops, even motor yachts will eliminate diesel engines and go 100% zero emissions and at the heart of every technical solution, CMG will ensure safety, improve comfort and eliminate emissions.