Eviden Space & Avionics

Eviden Space & Avionics offers standard solutions in the area of next generation carrier monitoring and satellite interference localisation.

With the increased demand for satellite communication links, satellite signals have surged, resulting
in a significant amount of interference and degradation of the quality of service, which can be critical
in areas that rely heavily on satellite communication.

Because spectrum is a scarce resource, continuous monitoring of interference is essential, resulting
in the need for an next generation carrier monitoring system.

The next-generation SkyMon solution from Eviden helps to address the challenges of the new space
era, including the integration of 5G, the complexity of new generation of High-Throughput Satellites
due to very flexible traffic assignment and the increase in signal interference caused by the sheer
amount of satellites in the orbit.

  • Spectrum monitoring for quality of communication service
  • Satellite communication situation awareness (SCSA)
  • Space Defense situational awareness (SSA)

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