ESA Teach with Space teacher training opportunities

The ESA initiative "Teach with Space" provides a wealth of diverse teaching activities and resources that utilize space-related topics to support the teaching and learning of STEM disciplines in the classroom, at primary and secondary levels.

The ESA Teach with Space teacher trainings accompany and guide teachers to the use of such inspiring and innovative classroom activities.

These workshops will be open to teachers from all ESA Member States, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Malta.

More Information and Dates on the ESA Website.

ESA also provides support for primary and secondary school teachers in your own country through its ESERO project and network. A key objective of ESERO is to deliver teacher training courses based on space-related resources which are adapted to the national curricula and provided in the national language(s). Such endeavours are performed in collaboration with national partners and institutions. Whenever possible, the courses are officially accredited Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses.

For more information about the teacher training opportunities and school-level teacher support offered by ESA through its ESERO Offices in your country, visit the webpage of your national ESERO.