Promoting innovation in Earth observation in Europe

For the twelfth time, the Copernicus Masters is looking for innovative solutions that use Copernicus Earth Observation (EO) data and other space data to be submitted for awards.

The partners of the competition, which are global players from institutions, research and industry, offer special challenges and prizes. The common goal of Copernicus Masters and its partners is to promote European space solutions and EO data use to address everyday challenges and contribute to the European Green Deal. From 11 April to 11 July, innovators at all stages of their careers are invited to enter the competition and submit their solution online.

The International Earth Observation (EO) Innovation Competition is looking for outstanding applications, solutions and services from forward-thinking SMEs, start-ups, universities and individuals from business, research and academia that address key economic and societal challenges through the use of Copernicus EO data.

Copernicus is the European Union's Earth Observation Programme that explores our planet and its environment for the benefit of all European citizens. As a contribution to sustainable management of the environment, Copernicus services provide free, near real-time data on a global scale. The demand for such EO data is exploding, especially as innovative solutions to today's challenges, such as climate change, food security or water supply, are crucial.

Since 2011, the Copernicus Masters has strived to meet these demands by showcasing innovative approaches using Earth observation data. From 11 April to 11 July, participants can submit their innovative EO application or services for seven challenging areas offered by the following partners: the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Space Agency at DLR, BayWa, UP42 with Airbus, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMDV) and Portugal Space (Portuguese Space Agency). The winning teams of each competition will receive prizes ranging from cash or direct access to commercial EO data to technical support and incubation for their company. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of regionally announced prizes offered by a global network of prize partners.

Participants can demonstrate their innovative use of EO data in a variety of subject areas, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing, data analytics, healthcare, smart agriculture, maritime and digital transport.


"With Copernicus Masters, ESA has successfully launched a globally recognised innovation competition that supports the next digital generation of new business ideas using Earth observation data beyond the borders of Europe with an international network of partners," explains Simonetta Cheli, Director of Earth Observation Programmes and Head of ESRIN, the European Space Agency. ESA is an initiative partner of the Copernicus Masters and has set a task every year since 2011.

"I look forward to taking EO innovation to the next level and seeing where it can take us with the help of our renowned Copernicus Masters 2022 winners," adds Thorsten Rudolph, Managing Director of AZO and organiser of the competition.
In addition to cash prizes, the competition and prize winners will receive access to an international network of leading Earth observation organisations, extensive satellite data contingents and individual business development support worth more than €500,000. The overall winner will also receive a cash prize of 10,000 euros.

To participate in Copernicus Masters 2022, applicants must register by 11 July at


Copernicus Masters 2022 - Regional Prize Austria


Within the scope of the international innovation award "Copernicus Masters", an Austrian Regional Prize will again be announced in 2022. The competition is looking for advanced solutions and concepts in the field of Earth observation. SMEs, start-ups, researchers and individuals are invited to present applications, solutions and business concepts based on Copernicus data. Innovative ideas with a specific benefit for Austria and its population will be awarded.

The deadline for submissions is 11 July 2022. The winners of the Regional Prize Austria will receive cash prizes of up to €4,000 and access to regional and international stakeholders and industry experts.

In addition to the regional prize, the winners of the Copernicus Masters at European level can expect access to an international network of leading Earth observation organisations as well as support for business development.

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