Helium tanks from Austria for VEGA E rocket

Peak Technology celebrates another contract signing.
Artist's impression of VEGA E (ESA-Jacky Huart, 2017)

Rome-based aerospace company AVIO S.p.A. awards Peak Technology the contract to develop and produce new helium tanks for VEGA E rockets. Previously, large space companies from the USA and Europe served AVIO, so it is a special highlight that Peak Technology has prevailed as an Austrian SME. The reasons for this are the professional cooperation on an equal footing over the past few years and the unique combination of cost and performance.

Four helium tanks are used per rocket, and a total of around 75 tanks are to be produced for AVIO. Specifically, they will be used in the new upper stage of the rocket on the new "M10" engine. The M10 engine is the first European methane engine and was developed by a consortium of companies from several European countries, including Austria.

The VEGA E rocket is scheduled for launch in 2025 and was developed to transport satellites into space as cost-effectively as possible. Until then, the new tanks will be designed, developed and tested by Peak Technology, as well as undergoing a qualification phase.


3D-printed engine component of the future Vega rocket tested

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