ESA and NASA agree to collaborate on climate change

The U.S. space agency NASA and the European Space Agency ESA are joining forces in the fight against climate change. A strategic partnership has been agreed to ensure that data from Earth observation satellites is "used to advance science and ultimately for the greatest benefit of humankind," ESA announced Tuesday.

“Without doubt, space is the best vantage point to measure and monitor climate change, but joining forces is also key to tackling this global issue. This is why today’s agreement between our organisations is so crucial. Timing is also important, particularly as we look to the COP26 climate conference later this year, where we have the chance to further make space an integral part of the solution when it comes to climate-change mitigation.”

Josef Aschbacher

ESA Director Josef Aschbacher

Space is "the best vantage point to measure and monitor climate change," said ESA chief Josef Aschbacher. International cooperation is crucial in addressing this global problem, he said. NASA chief Bill Nelson said climate change is a global challenge that requires immediate action.
ESA and NASA are already cooperating on the Sentinel-6 mission, which is part of the EU's Copernicus Earth observation program. The Sentinel-6 satellite monitors sea level rise.

ESA and climate change

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