Hightech from Austria for telecommunication satellites

On 21.03.2020, another 34 out of several hundred small satellites from the British company OneWeb launched. RUAG Space Austria supplied heat protection and satellite containers.

The current situation around the corona virus shows just how important telecommunication services are. Telecommunications satellites enable TV, Internet and telephony worldwide. "With our products, we make an important contribution to society. Telecommunications services have never been in greater demand than they are today, "says Andreas Buhl, Managing Director of RUAG Space Austria, Austria's largest space company. "Home office is experiencing an unprecedented boom, the need for Internet and mobile telephony is growing very rapidly. With our products for telecom satellites, we are making an important contribution to further improving global Internet access."

On Saturday, March 21st, a further 34 out of a total of several hundred small telecommunications satellites from the British company OneWeb were launched. The satellites were launched into space on board a Russian Soyuz rocket. The launch took place at the Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan. The satellites are expected to bring broadband internet to remote regions. "Satellite technology from Austria protects against the cold and heat in space from approx. minus 150 ° C to plus 150 ° C," emphasizes Andreas Buhl, Managing Director of RUAG Space Austria. RUAG Space produced the heat protection in the Lower Austria in their Berndorf factory. The insulation consists of several layers of metal-coated plastic foils.

RUAG Space Thermoinsulation

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High-tech satellite containers from RUAG Space Austria were used to transport the satellites to the global rocket launch centers. "Satellites are highly sensitive devices. They can only be transported in special containers to protect them from vibrations and temperature damage. We have developed tailor-made solutions for our customers here, "explains Andreas Buhl. The order for containers and thermal insulation amounts to around 10 million Euros.