Austrian space technology for South Korea

On tuesday night, a South Korean Satellite equipped with Austrian space technology started its journey.

The South Korean Satellite GEO Kompsat 2B of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) was successfully launched and placed into orbit at the beginning of this week. Part of the satellites technology was developed and produced in Austria. RUAG Space Austria, with its headquarters in the Viennese district of Meidling. supplied electronic drive controls for the correct alignment of the satellite's solar panels. RUAG Space Austria's executive director Andreas Buhl stated that "High Technology from Austria contributes significantly to the power supply of the satellite." If their trajectory allows it, satellites derive electrical energy from solar power. To do this, they use solar cells on large panels that point them towards the sun. RUAG Space supplied the necessary control electronics for this alignment. The satellite will provide data about the oceans and the environment.

RUAG Space in Vienna is Austria's largest space supplier. RUAG Space Austria, based in Vienna and another location in Berndorf, is the largest Austrian space technology company with around 250 employees. The high-tech company equips satellites and launchers with electronics, mechanics and thermal insulation worldwide and has an export quota of around 100 percent.