Space or High Altitude: What’s in a Name?

23. March 2023, 18.30 - 22.00 CET
ESPI, Schwarzenbergplatz 6 (Entrance Zaunergasse 1), 1030 Vienna, AT

European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) invites to facilitate an open exchange of views in the emerging legal, policy and commercial challenges associated with the space and high-altitude activities.


European Space Policy Institute - ESPI

Content Description

Agenda item 6 (a) of 2023 UN COPUOS Legal Subcommittee is dedicated to the definition and delimitation of outer space. The topic has been a regular agenda item for the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space for over half a century.

While the lack of a clear delimitation has not caused major issues, ongoing technological advancements and the ever-growing interest for space tourism, suborbital flights and HAPS (High-Altitude Platform Stations) are now posing new policy and legal challenges, including questions related the required synergies between ATM (Air Traffic Management) and a future STM (Space Traffic Management) regime.

Challenges are further exacerbated by the inclusion of high-altitude activities within the remit of national space law by different countries.

The ESPI Evening event aims to foster an exchange of views on the emerging challenge of definition and delimitation of space and high-altitude activities.


A detailed event agenda will be provided prior to the event.

Refreshments at the event are kindly offered by ESPI.


Target Audience

All delegates to the 62nd session of UN COPUOS LSC

Participant Information

  • This is an in-person event.
  • Registration is not mandatory.
  • For a limited number of seats (first-come, first-served basis), please register here.

Contact Address

European Space Policy Institute
Schwarzenbergplatz 6
(Entrance: Zaunergasse 1)
A-1030 Vienna