Ensuring the Sustainability of Outer Space - The Role of Space Law and Policy

02. June 2022
online event, Vienna, AT

The event will focus on approaches in implementing the UN Guidelines on the Long-term sustainability of outer space activities, the so-called LTS-Guidelines. Experts from various backgrounds will present their practices and experiences and engage in a panel discussion. The event will be organised online by the National Point of Contact for Space Law Austria at the University of Vienna.


National Point of Contact for Space Law Austria, together with the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

Content Description

More and more actors are recognising space as an important area of activity. They launch hundreds of satellites. This brings advantages, but also disadvantages. Space debris, complexity of space operations, increased risks of collision and interference with the operation of space objects are among the most pressing issues. They are addressed in the 21 UN Guidelines on the Long-Term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities of 2019 – the "LTS Guidelines" – and by other international, regional and national initiatives. Various actors and stakeholders at different levels and in different disciplines need to be involved in order to ensure that they also have an effect in practice.

The legal and regulatory aspects of the long-term sustainability of outer space activities are an important part of the LTS Guidelines, but leave a rather large range of options for governments. At the event, a panel of experts is invited to present approaches by governments, international organisations, NGOs and industry on how to implement the Guidelines and to exchange ideas and best practices to achieve the desired results.


Target Audience

Scholars, practitioners, students, and other persons interested in current trends in the area of outer space activities.

Participant Information


Please, register for the event by Thursday, 2 June 20222 p.m.: npocspace.law@univie.ac.at

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Universität Wien, NPOC Space Law Austria
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