AI for Earth: Final presentations

26. October 2021
Online:, Online, AT

Space Hubs Network presents the final presentations of its "AI for Earth" hackathon.


Space Hubs Network

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The EU-funded project SUN (Space Hubs Network) presents the results of the AI for Earth hackathon:

On the 26th of October, our AI for Earth challenge will come to an end. 6 teams completed the challenge with some amazing results. During the final presentations, they will show the yield of all their efforts. Join us to see more on how we mapped humanity's impact on earth!

The teams will be presenting on the following topics:

Dying rivers and the damming race

  • Marine intelligence: Remote coral reef monitoring
  • Illegal deforestation detector in the amazon region
  • Remote ground-level pollution monitoring
  • Classifying marine litter
  • Early forest fire detection

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Space industry

AI industry

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Florian Lipok