European Space Strategy in a Global Context: The Role of Space Diplomacy

18 - 19 September 2019
Urania, Uraniastraße 1, Vienna, AT

The 13th ESPI Autumn Conference will address the topic of European Space Diplomacy to discuss ways to strengthen Europe’s role as a global actor and promote international cooperation.


The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) is a think tank that provides decision-makers with an informed view on mid- to long-term issues relevant to Europe’s space activities. ESPI is an association under Austrian private law and is domiciled in Vienna.

Content Description

The Autumn Conference is a yearly ESPI event where policy and industry stakeholders in the space sector come together to discuss issues that affect Europe and the rest of the world.

This year’s Autumn Conference will address the topic of "European Space Diplomacy" to discuss ways to strengthen Europe’s role as a global actor and promoting international cooperation. Additional focus will be placed on the role of space diplomacy to support the goals of the European space industry, and on the contributions space diplomacy can bring to harvest opportunities in the security and defence realms.

The thirteen Autumn Conference will be a two-day event. It will be organized along the following three sessions:

  1. European Space Diplomacy in a Global Context
  2. Space Diplomacy for Business
  3. Space Diplomacy in support of European foreign and security objectives

These sessions aim to bring a clear view on the subject and will include related discussions to stimulate a debate among conference participants. Participants to the Conference include stakeholders from the Public and Industry domains.


The updated version of the preliminary programme is always available at a dedicated conference webpage.

Target Audience

Decision making authorities in the European space sector.

European space stakeholders from both public and private domains, including 

  • industry representatives,
  • representatives of members states of EU and ESA,
  • representatives of European institutions and
  • representatives of international organizations.

Participant Information

Participation to the Conference is open and free of charge, prior registration is mandatory. Due to new venue an increase in number of participants from previous years could be expected.

Contact Address

ESPI - European Space Policy Institute
Schwarzenbergplatz 6
A-1030 Vienna