Galileo Masters 2021 Winners

Full List of Galileo Masters 2021 winners

Galileo Overall Winner

WAMO by e.Ray Europa GmbH 

Sebastian Lemke

WAMO is a real-time surface water assessment platform for flood warnings and algal monitoring and control. The free-floating platform integrates different sensors for accurate
and real-time parameter observation. These sensors collect information on water level,
precipitation, temperature, and pH along with parameters such as chlorophyll and nitrates.

Galileo Masters Challenge Winners

EUSPA Space for our Planet Challenge

SAM Dimension

Robin Mink, Alexander Linn, Luk.š Kovař.k, Lucie Tvarůžkov, Tobias Landenberger, Moritz Roth

Using SAM's drone imagery and GNSS-based mapping technology, weeds that need to be regulated are precicely identified and appropriate measures can be carried out at the plant level based on their geo-coordinates.


EUSPA Space for Fun Challenge

Maximilian Weiss, Tatjana Weiss, Björn Mattes 

CatSla is accelerating the Advent of Safe & Eco-Friendly Cat-Owning.


EUSPA Space for Being Safe and Healthy Challenge 

VASER by Virtual Angle 

Pedro Branco, Luisa Trino, Fernando Branco

The Visual Awareness System for Emergency Response (VASER) uses visualisation technologies to support the tasks performed in disaster mission control centres.


EUSPA SatCom Challenge 

GNSS and SatCom for Multipurpose Lightweight UAV with Radar by Vilnius University 

Saulius Rudys, Andrius Laucys, Martynas Butkus, Sarunas Budrevicius

The solution developed at Vilnius University is a lightweight, low-cost alternative that involves mounting mass-produced marine radar and wide high-resolution antennas on a UAV's wing.


ESA Space Solutions Scale up Challenge 


Gijs Wissing, Adriaan Knapen, Paul Barron, Dafina Bucaj

Unveiler is an early-stage software-as-a-service solution that wants to bring location verification to the FinTech industry.


DLR/BMVI Next-Level Navigation: Autonomy, Hi-Accuracy, Cyber Security & Safety Challenge 

TOM Robotics GmbH 

Thomas Strasser-Krauss, Stefan Schauer-Burkart

TOM Robotics provides solutions for the robots of tomorrow that will operate autonomously in complex environments.

University Challenge
iSpace School

Chiara Cocchiara, Adrian Saez Garcia, Alessandro Migliaccio, Anja Nakarada Pecujlic, Matteo Laterza, Amool Raina

iSpace School's method, which improves on the traditional education approach with top lecturers from the space industry and small class sizes, creates new business projects based mainly on GNSS data.

Galileo Living LAB Prize

Panda Insight 

Maximilian Weiss, Tatjana Weiss, Björn Mattes

PanDia is a mobile application that uses algorithms to automatically measure stress levels via wearables and smartphone data.



Evangelos Mitsakis, Areti Kotsi, Vasilis Psonis, Vasilis Mizaras, Thanasis Pachinis, Grigoris Prasinos

deeptraffic 101 is a traffic management solution that exploits today's increased vehicle-connectivity technologies to boost the effectiveness of traffic management.

Galileo Masters Regional Winners


Beetle ForTech Gmbh - Matthias Sammer, Sebastian Vogler, Koimé Kouacou, Anh Nguyen



SAM Dimension - 
Robin Mink, Alexander Linn, Luk.š Kovař.k, Lucie Tvarůžkov, Tobias Landenberger, Moritz Roth


Arctic Positioning Systems - Miikka Kataja, Samuli Nyman, Tessa Nikander, Bruce Clayhills

No winner announced this year.


DronID by Unmanned Systems Bulgaria - Stefan Hristozov, Kalin Stoyanov, Ivan Chamov, Nadia Vassileva, Stefan Hristozov


KrattWorks Ltd - Mattias Luha


Czech Republic

First RESPonse by GINA Software s. r. o. - Matěj Rašovský


nav4you - Johan Perul, Valérie Renaudin


ADAGIO - Andrs Rabunal Gayo, Alejandro Camanzo Marino



Geo Smartphone Solutions - Mahdi Alizadeh, Harald Schuh, Amir Hossein Pourmina, Samin Nasr, Hamed Banaie



WAMO by e.Ray Europa GmbH - Sebastian Lemke

Truckscreenia Srl - Nicola Maio, Luciano Delmastro, Christian Furtschegger, Paolo Pinto, Alessandro Pancani, Francesco Pancani, Matteo Bastianel


Vilnius University - Saulius Rudys, Andrius Laucys, Martynas Butkus, Sarunas Budrevicius


Cetra Base SL - Luis Arnaiz Mateo, Eduardo Ceballos Alonso, Iginio Autelitano

The Netherlands 

Soilspect - Hillebrand Wichers, Jesper Van Rijn, Tim Johan


Enartin - Joao Correia, Joao, Pereira


GreenRIS Development - Mihaela Balanescu


United Kingdom

Perfect Sense AQ Ltd - Ava Garside

Galileo Incubation Winners

  • Panda Insights 

  • Perfect Sense 

  • BeetleForTech

  • Vilnius University 
Cetra Base