Copernicus Masters 2021 Winners

Full List of Copernicus Masters 2021 winners

Copernicus Overall Winner

ORBITER by Rayner Software LLC 
Tyler Rayner

Orbiter is an Earth visualisation app for mobile devices. Designed to be accessible to everyone, the Orbiter app provides an up-to-date representation of the Earth and its processes.

Copernicus Masters Challenge Winners

ESA Digital Twin Earth (DTE) Challenge

ORBITER by Rayner Software LLC 
Tyler Rayner

Orbiter is an Earth visualisation app for mobile devices. Designed to be accessible to everyone, the Orbiter app provides an up-to-date representation of the Earth and its processes.

DLR Environment, Energy and Health Challenge
Sofia Garcia, Nils Karges, Andreas Bury, Antonio Castañeda, Annika Ludwig

UrbanSens is an interactive platform that combines Sentinel-3 thermal data, Sentinel-2 VNIR data, and city-wide IoT sensors to understand thermal dynamics across large areas at high frequency.

Planet "See Change, Change the World" 


Basile Goussard, Adrien Mazeau, Jean-Baptiste Pillet

NetCarbon aims to increase the carbon sequestration of the plant-soil ecosystem from the atmosphere in order to tackle global warming.

BayWa Smart Farming Challenge 

COMPASS AI by Tenchijin Inc.

Adrien Lemal, Yuhei Urabe, Dr Kenichi Sasaki

Tenchijin's COMPASS AI technology solves issues arising from climate change, pests, and diseases in agribusiness using satellite data from the Copernicus Land and Climate Change Services.

UP42 & Airbus Satellite Image Augmentation with GANs Challenge
CloudlessEO by Thetaspace GmbH
Zayd Mahmoud Hamdi

CloudlessEO is interactive, on-demand, web-based software that consists of a novel generative adversarial network architecture. It exploits the synergies of SAR and optical data from Sentinel-1 and -2 to generate highly accurate synthetic optical data to fill data gaps related to clouds and their shadows.


BMVI Digital Transport Challenge
Yahwe's Virtual Navigato by Tiberias Management Consultants Pte Ltd
Jayems Dhingra, Umesh Sharma, TiberiasMC & Associates

Yahweh's Virtual Navigator (YVN) aims to optimise ships' fuel consumption to help reduce emissions, which will contribute to the goals of the European Green Deal and compliance with the European Commission's FuelEU Maritime "Fit for 55" Regulation.


Commission Challenge - Space for Smart Mobility 

Ready-Time Railway Disruption Management Solution by BioSense Institute, University of Novi Sad
Nikola Obrenović, Sanja Brdar, Vladimir Crnojević, Nastasija Grujić, Maksim Lalić

Ready-Time Railway Disruption Management determines the extent of disruptions in railway systems and provides optimised recovery scenarios to passengers in real time using the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS) and in-situ railway operator data.


Commission Challenge - Space for Infrastructure and Building Monitoring 
Saint James CAMINITO

Pablo Chedas, Manuel Diz Folgar, Pedro Manuel Carro Parafita

Saint James CAMINITO is a tool that was developed to study the evolution of a collection of pilgrimage routes throughout Europe that lead to the resting place of the Apostle Saint James in Galicia.


Portugal Space Atlantic Challenge 

HABTRAIL by Eyecon Group
Miguel Correia, Issah Suleiman, Ana Martins, João Gonçalves

HABTRAIL is a deep learning model developed specifically to tackle harmful algal blooms (HABs) on a large scale in ocean and coastal areas at a lower cost compared to conventional in-situ methods.


University Challenge
Carbon Monitoring Using Earth Observation Satellites by St Cloud State University & Nyasa Aerial Data Solutions
Patrick Kalonde, Regeza Kamunga, Alick Chisale Austin, Treaser Mandevu, Fred Sajiwa, Tadala Makuluni, Dr Suresh Muthukrishnan

This solution utilises Sentinel-2 data to monitor, measure, and verify carbon storage in forests at a low cost. It quantifies above-ground biomass and estimates carbon sequestration based on drone and in-situ field measurements.

Copernicus Masters Regional Winners


Beetle ForTech Gmbh - Matthias Sammer, Sebastian Vogler, Koimé Kouacou, Anh Nguyen


LS – Engenharia Geográfica - Cláudio Sousa


SciNRGY - Karl-Kiên Cao, Christoph Schimeczek, Manuel Wetzel, Niklas Wulff, Tobias Junne


Village Data Analytics (VIDA) - Thomas Engelmeier 

Bremen/Germany - Johann Heller, Jakob Heller, Joshua Becker


Demosat - Martina Markova, Ivan Grigorov, Alexander Varhoshkov, Georgi Vasev


Pattern by Xilbi Sistemas de Informacion SL - Pedro Branco, Luísa Trino, Fernando 

Czech Republic - Jan Žák


NetCarbon- Basile Goussard, Adrien Mazeau, Jean-Baptiste Pillet


Saint James CAMINITO- Pablo Chedas, Manuel Diz Folgar, Pedro Manuel Carro Parafita



ABACO Group – Giulia Brusini, Fabio Slaviero


Pina – Dr. Gesa Biermann, Florian Fincke, Jonas Kerber


Genuine by Sapienza University of Rome - Lorenzo Lastilla, Matteo Amendola, Valeria Belloni, Virginia Coletta, Marco Fortunato, Valerio Marsocci, Michela Ravanelli, Roberta Ravanelli

SOOM – Takeo Akutsu 



MooFind - Roger Sánchez Güell, Jeet Biswas, Monishankar Dutta, Ankita Sen, Swati Hazra, Felipe Bueso, Alvaro Gómez



EyeRadar by Detektia - Candela Sancho, Alfredo Fernandez, Miguel Marchamalo, Ruben Martinez, Adrian Garcia, Jaime Sanchez, Carlos Garcia

The Netherlands 

Carble  - Sander Reuderink, Noura Hanna, Lodewijk van der Meer


AI Crops by BEAM Innovation SRL - Alexandru Vulpe, Romică Manolache, Ion Câșlaru


Satsense Solutions Limited - Pranav Pasari, Nikhil Pasari, Umang Buddhdev